Saturday, October 1, 2011


The Zombie Advocacy And Relocation Group is dedicated to protecting our undead brothers from the persecution of society. We set up a safe place for these poor souls to live a life after life before the afterlife in peace and harmony.
Who We Are
Michael Bickman
Michael first became enamored of our nation’s living dead as a small child, after seeing the original “Night of the Living Dead” at the age of eleven. The movie terrified him–how could those awful people be so heartless as to try and kill those zombies! Some of those zombies were those people’s friends and family! It was then that Michael swore he would do whatever he could to protect these unfortunate creatures from the cruelty of man.
Linda Bickman
Linda joined the cause when she met Michael at Florida State University in 1978. Already a staunch advocate of a number of causes, Linda was very excited to help carry out Michael’s vision of a world without prejudice based on livelihood. After seeing the passion in each other, Michael and Linda got married a week after their first meeting. They currently live in Miami, with no children and thirteen cats named Mallory, Jeremy, Hillary, Goldberry, Crookshanks, Madison, Madeline, Morgan, Moriarty, Balin, Dwalin, and Other Madeline. They devote their full attention to helping the unfortunate undead find acceptance and safety.

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